Open Wednesday and Saturday 7:30 am to 3:15 pm.  Recycling is Mandatory

New Permits will be for sale starting March 1st and the cost will be $100 payable with cash or check. Please bring your vehicle registration with you when purchasing a new permit. 

Polk Township residents are responsible for recycling and their own trash removal.  Private waste haulers or the township solid waste facilities can be used.  Solid waste permits are $100.00 a year and allow the disposal of (3) thirty gallon garbage bags per week and unlimited recycling.  Additional bags are $2.00 each.  Permits are available to purchase at the township building.  Please bring your car registration with you when purchasing a permit so we can validate the vehicle you will be using and your address.  Please sort and separate your recyclables at home.

Large items can be disposed of any Wednesday or Saturday. You must stop in the township building to pay for the item before dropping it off.  Please do not pay the attendants at the solid waste facility.  We no longer do clean up days.

Brush can be disposed of – please stop and see the attendant before disposing – this does not go in the dumpster.  No grass clippings.

Burning of garbage is NOT PERMITTED in Polk Township. Monroe County has the authority to issue citations!

Cameras have been installed at the solid waste facility to ensure the safety of our residents and everyone is following township regulations.

Items of value can be donated the 1st week of May to the Historical Society’s yard sale at the township garage

TV's and monitors are not being accepted at this time. They can be taken to the Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority free of charge. See link below.

The Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority has further details on– recycling, waste haulers, electronic recycling and deer removal.

Solid Waste & Recycling Center

Monroe County, Pennsylvania          610-681-5376