Earned Income Tax Collector

Property Tax Collector
Carolyn Meinhart
              Office Hours
139 Windy Hill Rd.         9am - 11am Tuesday
P.O. Box 93                    2pm - 6pm Wednesday
Kresgeville, PA

Monroe County, Pennsylvania          610-681-5376  

Right to Know Forms and Information is available at the township office. Citizens may also go to the office of open records website at www.openrecords.pa.gov

Polk Township Right To Know Resolution  

Resolution 2018-03 Right - To - Know Policy.pdf

Right To Know Law Request Form.pdf

Township Officials

Brian K. Ahner – Supervisor / Chairman / Road Master

Michael D. Hurley – Supervisor / Vice-Chairman

Carl S. Heckman – Supervisor

Beverly Christman – Treasurer

Ruthanne Toner  - Secretary / Right to Know Officer

Mary Beth Serfass – Office Assistant

Rebecca Tippett - Office Assistant

Justin Burker – Zoning / Codes Officer

Jonathan Shupp – Sewage Enforcement Officer

Scott Policelli – Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer

John Blick – U.C.C. Building Official/Inspector

Lehigh Valley Inspectors- Alternate U.C.C Inspector

Plus a hard working team of Road and Recycling Crew members!

Glenn Green

Harold Touni Jr.

David Novajovsky

Robert Shupp Sr.

Thomas Longyhore Jr. 

​G. Blaine Borger

​William C. Tippett